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The Future Of Hockey Playoffs Apps

If you have found your way to this post then you have probably experienced some troubles with the Hockey Playoffs app. The reason for these issues are that some things are just not testable before releasing the application. These issue are not testable since they would require that I simulate the entire happenings of the NHL Playoffs. This means that I would have to create a whole database of...
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How To Change Team Images

Did you know that you can change the team images that appear in your apps such as Hockey Schedule ’12 and the forthcoming Hockey Playoffs ’12? Well you can with a few simple steps. There are two options. The first being that you can download a set of NHL logos found here and the second being that you can download a set of photoshop templates to create your own here. If you just want...
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Design, Develop, Iterate.

Pete App Designs is composed of one computer engineering student that strives to create useful and creative mobile applications. As of now, Pete App Designs consists of only iOS applications but is interested in moving some of them to Android.

The way Pete App Designs creates apps is based on personal needs. If we find that there is a lack in the market then we will consider making an application for that, the App Store doesn’t need more copycat apps.¬†The main focus of Pete App Designs so far has been on sports and technology but we would like to expand into other types of applications such as games and music apps.

We hope that you will love our present and future apps.


If you have been experiencing problems with one of our apps please report it by contacting us at peteappdesigns(at)gmail(dot)com or leaving a comment on the applications page. Please include a detailed description of your issue, the name of the app you are using and the version number if possible.

Hopefully we can fix your issue as soon as possible to give you the best experience possible

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